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Creditor’s Rights

Helping Creditors Collect Debt

Confidence in the marketplace depends on the prompt payment of debt.  That’s why Texas creditors have a variety of options when debtors fail to pay their debts.  We can help you pursue a number of these options, including:

  • Prejudgment collections
  • Debt collection suits
  • Collection on judgments
  • Execution of judgments
  • Temporary restraining orders and injunctions
  • Attachment, garnishment and sequestration

Navigating Debtor-Friendly Laws

While Texas creditors have some avenues for relief, federal law has established comprehensive rules protecting debtors from creditors.  And the Texas Debt Collection Act goes even further, imposing strict regulations that creditors must follow to avoid liability.  Fortunately, our Texas debt collection attorneys are familiar with these highly technical laws and are prepared to decide the most legally sound way to handle your case.  Contact us today for more information.